✧˖° ari | ph | she/her °˖✧

about me

hi! i'm ari, a filipino digital artist now based in the US. i'm a self taught artist that mainly draws as a hobby. i enjoy drawing fanart and other things that i find interesting or pretty!

tools used

  • wacom bamboo tablet

  • clip studio paint pro

  • adobe photoshop cc


If you're interested in $5 or $8 ko-fi headshot sketches, click here.whether my comms are open/closed feel free to DM me for inquiries!(click an image to enlarge)


  1. DM me if interested! (may decline if i think i cannot do the commission)

  2. A google form will be sent for you to fill up.

  3. I will review the form, then contact you to confirm the commission.

  4. You will send the payment. After then will I only begin working on the sketch.

  5. I will update you with low quality pics (w/ watermark) of the sketch, lineart, and flat colored work from time to time.

  6. Revisions will only be accepted during the sketch or lineart phase.

  7. If you down paid first, you will be asked to pay the remaining amount.

  8. Once finished, I will send you a link to the zip file.

ko-fi commissions

i also do ko-fi headshot sketches if you prefer something more simple and affordable!

  • $5 for colored lineart only

  • $8 (or any amount above $8) for colored lineart + shading

terms & conditions

  • It may take 1-2 weeks to finish (may change depending on workload; will inform you ASAP for any possible delays).

  • Credit me when posting the artwork anywhere.

  • You cannot remove my watermark or modify the artwork.